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When you need help, you need help you can trust.  It’s difficult to find someone that can really help you. Only Catholic Psychology can give you that assurance.

A Brand New Field

Catholic Psychology is not just another type of psychology.  The best of the psychological sciences is now integrated with thousands of years of Catholic philosophy and theology.

Unique and Essential

The integration of scientifically sound psychology and true Catholicism is a unique project, yet it is providing an absolutely essential service to the Church and all people.

The investigations of Psychology – the science of the soul – serve to confirm that the most significant characteristics of that inner life are the sense of truth and the sense of freedom.

Blessed John Paul II

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  • Pope Francis Gives Keys To Happiness In New Interview
    Pope Francis Gives Keys To Happiness In New Interview
    Pope Francis just revealed his opinion of 10 ways to find peace and happiness in a new interview. These principles are clearly based on a more generalized understanding of human nature and not so much on any religious interpretation, so he offers it to the whole world Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Here are his principles: […]
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  • HobbyLobby Victory Is Not Enough
    HobbyLobby Victory Is Not Enough
    What a wonderful victory today for the pro-life cultural movement. With the news constantly inundated with depressing stories of losses, and the sense that stemming the tide of extreme dehumanization rampant in our culture will never be possible, the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby is a welcome breath of fresh air. As […]
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  • The One Most Important Quality To Look For In A Spouse
    The One Most Important Quality To Look For In A Spouse
    There are so many lists of tips and tricks for dating, and so many opinions on what to look for in a spouse that I decided to boil everything down to one very simple idea. This comes after my many, many, um, months of living the married vocation, so it is clearly based on deep […]
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