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A Brand New Field

Catholic Psychology is not just another type of psychology.  The best of the psychological sciences is now integrated with thousands of years of Catholic philosophy and theology.

Unique and Essential

The integration of scientifically sound psychology and true Catholicism is a unique project, yet it is providing an absolutely essential service to the Church and all people.

Psychology You Can Trust

When you need help, you need help you can trust.  It’s difficult to find someone that can really help you. Only Catholic Psychology can give you that assurance.

The investigations of Psychology – the science of the soul – serve to confirm that the most significant characteristics of that inner life are the sense of truth and the sense of freedom.

Blessed John Paul II

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  • Everybody Gotta Suffer
    Everybody Gotta Suffer
    During my time as a Franciscan Friar, a priest named Fr. Stan Fortuna wrote a song called “Everybody Gotta Suffer.” Fr. Stan is very talented in his music and his ministry. The song is catchy and I often think of how he sings the word, “Everybody.” It reminds me that rich and poor alike are […]
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  • 2 Steps to a Perfect Valentine’s Day (For Everyone)
    2 Steps to a Perfect Valentine’s Day (For Everyone)
    This week brings with it one of the most loved and hated days of the whole year- Valentine’s Day. Of course it is a Hallmark creation that most of society eats up hook, line, and sinker, but it is a real part of our society nonetheless. There are bound to be as many sales on […]
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  • Let’s talk about sex
    Let’s talk about sex
    I will admit, I did not watch the Grammy’s last night. However as I perused Facebook news for my daily 10-minute catch-up I found out about the Queen Latifah wedding event that took place on stage. Included in these newsfeeds were scathing articles announcing (once again) the destruction of mankind as we know it. Other […]
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