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When you need help, you need help you can trust.  It’s difficult to find someone that can really help you. Only Catholic Psychology can give you that assurance.

A Brand New Field

Catholic Psychology is not just another type of psychology.  The best of the psychological sciences is now integrated with thousands of years of Catholic philosophy and theology.

Unique and Essential

The integration of scientifically sound psychology and true Catholicism is a unique project, yet it is providing an absolutely essential service to the Church and all people.

We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s love for us and the real capacity to become the image of his Son.

Saint John Paul II

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  • Hanging Out Is Easier Than Dating
    Hanging Out Is Easier Than Dating
    It seems that dating for Catholics in big cities is a frustrating and difficult experience. After living in DC for five years, and now being in NYC, I see certain common trends, and I imagine such complaints can be heard in other areas of the country as well. I’m definitely interested in finding out so […]
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  • The Female Brain – What’s your Superpower?
    The Female Brain – What’s your Superpower?
    With today’s post I am starting a series on the female brain. Fortunately there is a ton of research out there to rely on instead of just offering musings from my own experience. I don’t know how much experience is required for a man to feel competent on his own to comment on the female […]
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  • Emotional Pornography
    Emotional Pornography
    Sex sells. Marketing in our culture is almost exclusively based on sex. We have known this for years, and although we think we are stronger than corporate marketing strategies, we (men) still fall easy prey to GoDaddy super bowl ads and Victoria’s Secret ceiling-high mall pinups. When I say “easy prey,” I don’t mean we […]
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