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When you need help, you need help you can trust.  It’s difficult to find someone that can really help you. Only Catholic Psychology can give you that assurance.

A Brand New Field

Catholic Psychology is not just another type of psychology.  The best of the psychological sciences is now integrated with thousands of years of Catholic philosophy and theology.

Unique and Essential

The integration of scientifically sound psychology and true Catholicism is a unique project, yet it is providing an absolutely essential service to the Church and all people.

The investigations of Psychology – the science of the soul – serve to confirm that the most significant characteristics of that inner life are the sense of truth and the sense of freedom.

Blessed John Paul II

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  • What the Church really needs to do about the “homosexual problem”
    What the Church really needs to do about the “homosexual problem”
    Following the Synod on the Family, I’m really disappointed by how quickly the Catholic media went the way of the secular media and amplified the polarization between the two – a polarization that only feeds page clicks for advertising revenue-driven blog sites and not much more. My blog does not exist for page-clicks, and so […]
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    My Time With Fr. Benedict
    Not many married men can say they lived the religious life for a time. I had the very unique blessing of spending 3 and a half years as a Franciscan Friar. I could fill volumes on what I learned during that time in religious life in general, but I want to give a brief reflection […]
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  • Show Me Your Face
    Show Me Your Face
    This post is from our guest-author Jenny Uebbing. You can read more of her great work on her blog Mama Needs Coffee. “Mommy, make a happy face at me.” I look up from the glow of my laptop, irritated, hearing for perhaps the 10th time that day my three-year-old son’s persistent request. “Mommy’s working, honey. […]
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