How to Spot Emotional Abuse

 *Blog post updated on 8/28/2023 

If I just love him enough, he’ll change.
If I just treat her well enough, things will get better.
If I just let it go this time, they’ll figure it out and won’t do it again.

If you’ve ever known someone in an abusive relationship, these phrases will sound all-too-familiar. 

While physical abuse is more overt and easy to recognize, emotional or psychological abuse proves more complicated and difficult to pinpoint. A...

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50 Shades of Love in a Hopeless Place

abuse Jan 11, 2020

You may have read in the news that Chris Brown was brought to court because he allegedly did not complete his community service hours; the punishment he received after beating Rihanna four years ago.  Rihanna, having 2 weeks prior publically announced she was back together with the singer, was in the courtroom to support her “man.”

Picking up garbage from the side of the highway doesn’t seem just retribution for bruising and bloodying a woman by punching her in the...

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