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Pope Francis Gives Keys to Happiness

positive psychology Feb 06, 2020

Pope Francis just revealed his opinion of 10 ways to find peace and happiness in a new interview. These principles are clearly based on a more generalized understanding of human nature and not so much on any religious interpretation, so he offers it to the whole world Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Here are his principles:

1. Live and let live.
This seems to go along with his 3rd principle. What is to be gained by trying to force others to live as you would have them live? Some might say,...

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Easter and Trauma

Integrating the field of psychology into a Catholic framework is not an easy task when the founder of the field (Freud) wrote, “Much will be gained if we succeed in transforming hysterical misery into common unhappiness.” Catholicism is concerned with becoming human – fully human – and therefore fully alive. The end of Catholicism is happiness beyond our wildest dreams, not just “common unhappiness.” While this ultimate joy is not experienced until we reach...

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