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Carried in His Grace


It was February 2017 and I was leading a group at church through Dr. Greg’s Catholic Mindfulness course. I was also 9 weeks pregnant with our fifth child. We had just started week 5 of the course. We were reading about how, when faced with difficulties, we tend to avoid them and how “in the midst of our deepest pain, we want to be in control. We want to be able to ask “why?” and have an answer that is acceptable to us.”

Week 5 of the Catholic...

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A Word on Acceptance

Thanks to Amy Sherlock of Healthy Homes Fertility Care for this guest post on acceptance and trust in the face of infertility.

I started this blog post over two weeks ago.  I wrote the title, then placed the cursor into the body of the post, and promptly commenced staring blankly at the screen.  Even now, I’m not quite sure where this is headed.

But I do know why it’s been difficult to write.  Not just in general, since life always seems to throw some curve balls...

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Abortion Hurts Women, Despite Flawed Research

“Abortion is found to have little effect on women’s mental health.”


Is this dribble really still being published in 2016?

First of all, there are so many flaws with this study that you can literally tear it apart line for line. Let’s just look at two. I am quoting here from the [ New York Times article ] about this study:

“Called the Turnaway Study and run by the Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health program at the University of...

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Gosnell, Sex and "The Walking Dead"

Everyone get ready for another Kermit Gosnell article. I know, I know, that’s so long time ago.

Let me first say – of course I think infanticide is atrocious and deserves news coverage. Jesus said very clearly what should be done with people like Gosnell; something about a boulder, a rope, and a boat. But what did he say to us? What are we to do if not just tweet? The answer lies within (your television).

After years of trying to hold off, I finally got hooked on the show The...

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