Why You Don’t Need to Fear Failure


The word itself is enough to give some of us a mild panic attack.

Generally seen as something to avoid at all costs, the fear of failing (or of being considered a failure) is enough to paralyze us when faced with the decision of whether to take a risk or try something new.

Maybe you’ve experienced that stifling fear of failure.

It takes different forms and can result in preventing us from attempting to make forward progress. It can sound like:

What if it doesn’t work?

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4 Steps to Surviving the Holidays

Ideally, the Christmas holiday is a magical time of year...a time that means really good food, exchanging of gifts, holiday movies, and family togetherness. But in reality, the holidays oftentimes bring along some less-than-ideal feelings. A time of the year which should be reserved for celebrating the birth of our Savior is oftentimes ravaged with stress instead. 

This scenario has been depicted in many a Christmas movie - crowded stores, long lines, overcooked...

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